A Happy Halloween Google Doodle

Happy Halloween 2012 everybody. If you hadn’t yet seen (and played with) the spooky Google Doodle, go waste a few minutes clicking around. Now, normally I’m anti websites that play sounds without asking your first, but this is kinda cute so I’ll overlook it.

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MBTA D-Line Delays

To all my D-line riders. Looks like the D is running but will be bussing between Riverside and Newton Highlands this morning.

For more info:

MBTA.com > Current Service Alerts, Advisories, Delays, and Outages.





Sandy forcing the MBTA to shutdown

I was just watching WCVB and heard the MBTA will shut down service today at 2.pm because of Hurricane Sandy.

To mini or not to mini?

I love my original iPad, but it’s starting to look a bit long in the tooth. It would be nice to upgrade. Seriously want to use iPhoto and FaceTime on the iPad. Now that Apple released the iPad Mini, do I want it? Sure it looks nice and is lighter and slightly more on-the-go / commute / train friendly. But if I have my iPhone do I need the iPad Mini?

At the very least it looks cool. And the video shows Apple hottie Jony Ive. *swoon*