Currently a free agent on the job market, Andrew previously was the Manager of Workflow and Digital Asset Management at America’s Test Kitchen. He has spent the last eight years as lead workflow designer for the in-house production department, overhauling every aspect of the imaging process. The result was a dynamic set of workflows that integrate Photoshop scripting and a Cumulus Enterprise DAM backend. The systems Andrew developed support America’s Test Kitchen’s complex imaging requirements for the more than 40 magazine and book titles published yearly, including the company’s five web properties.
A guiding philosophy in his work is that “Workflow” and “DAM” are interconnected. When you can have assets move into a DAM workflow as close to the creation point as possible, you enhance the creative process by letting the users involved focus on what matters most—the creative process—not “where” and “how” are resources stored, located or retrieved.
When not tinkering with a script or new workflow, Andrew can be found on the Cumulus User Forum where he’s one of the top contributors, helping users all over the web.


  • Over 10 years experience in Production (Premedia/Prepress)
  • Metadata-centric Publishing Workflow Development through Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Installation and Administration of Canto Cumulus Enterprise DAM
  • Desktop application automation with AppleScript, Xcode and AppleScript Studio, Adobe’s ExtendScript
  • Act as liaison between business units such as Design/Creative, Editorial, IT, Development
  • Color correction in Adobe Photoshop
  • Toning RAW/DNG images in Adobe Camera Raw

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