May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

It is time for one of Boston’s great blood sports. No, not the Red Sox in the playoffs. And no, this isn’t about the Pats either. This is all about the great September 1st move date.

A period of time that strikes fear in the most hardened of Bostonians. The infamous date marks that time of year when the single greatest apartment shuffle happens city wide. And it’s all because of the college students. Continue reading

Test your color vision

Wanna see how good your color vision is? Take Xrite’s FM 100 Hue Test and see how well you can arrange the color chips. Oh, and in case you were wondering… I scored a 0, which is a perfect score.

Home Automation Gadget Lust

Yesterday, I got the new Smarthome catalog in the mail. I’m in full-fledged home automation gadget lust! On top of that, I just discovered my home automation server, Indigo, has released the first public beta of version 6. In addition to a few UI enhancements and new INSTEON devices, the big new thing is Z-Wave support. Continue reading

First reblog!

Hahaha. This is awesome. DAM News has picked up and mentioned my post about Metadata and Voting I wrote on my DAMagedWorkflow blog.

Andrew Mannone has written this post on his own Damaged Workflow blog with a topical twist (for those that follow the US elections, at least) where he adapts the ”Vote early, vote often” message to “Tag early, tag often”

Check out the full article on DAM News

A Happy Halloween Google Doodle

Happy Halloween 2012 everybody. If you hadn’t yet seen (and played with) the spooky Google Doodle, go waste a few minutes clicking around. Now, normally I’m anti websites that play sounds without asking your first, but this is kinda cute so I’ll overlook it.

Continue reading