A Turkey Day Tradition

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. What a year it’s been there has been much to be thankful for but also some loss this year. I did want to take just a moment and tell you about my silly little Turkey Day Tradition.

"Promises, Promises" Original Broadway Cast Album Cover

This is the day I do it… the day I’ve been waiting for for so long. This is when I re-check all my Christmas Music in iTunes! How awesome is that? And to celebrate, I have to start off with a little “Turkey Lurkey Time” from the musical Promises, Promises. Donna McKechnie is fierce. Damn. But I can’t go without specifically calling out Burt Bacharach. He wrote the most infuriatingly catchy tune that drips with the most delicious blend of Late 60’s / early 70’s gay camp. Ever. I hear that song, and it’s almost impossible for me to stay still. Something compels me to move and usually burst out singing. Burt’s just takin’ me to church.

The audio and video quality isn’t the best, but there’s still something magical about this performance from the 1968 Tony Awards…

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