Knock on the door

Sunday afternoon Jay and I were sitting in the office and we heard a knock on the door. Given that hardly anybody just “drops by” apartment seeing as you need to be buzzed into the building, Jay and I shot each other a puzzled look.

The two of us had slept in that day and even though it was past 2:00, we were sill in our PJs. I was a little hesitant to go answer the door in my crazy-bed-hair state, but curiosity got the best of me. So, I headed down. As I got to the stair well, I called out “Hello?” before I opened the door. (It would be nice if we had a peephole.) A young woman’s voice returned and said. “Hi, I’m Allie* [see note below] and I’m with the Massachusetts Democratic Party” This was my first time getting a visit from the get-out-the-vote machine since college. The door swung open: suddenly I didn’t care I a looked like a hot mess.

Standing in front of me was a mid-20s woman, with long and straight auburn hair, a grey hoodie sweatshirt, jeans and holding a rather large clipboard. Allie and I proceeded to talk for about two minutes. She explained they were going around to make sure everybody knew where their polling places were and hours that the polls were open. Of course, I knew where my polling place is since it’s basically in back of my building. Though  in true New England fashion, “you can’t get there from here” and we have to walk around the block. But I’m not complaining… it’s wildly convenient compared especially since my last poling place was so far away I need a car to get to it.

Allie then asked a few questions about my choices in the election. It was all standard fare… had I made up my mind, who would I be voting for, etc.

I found the interaction kinda exciting. I know some people dread knocks on the door like this one. I guess it comes down to me being a politics junkie.

Note: I’m not sure if her name was actually Allie… I’m horrible with names.


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